2021 has been without doubt an important year for CIM4.0; the results obtained reflect the success of its activities and the achievement of important goals for the Competence Center. Over the past 12 months, CIM4.0 has become the national reference centre for the digital transition of enterprises, focusing on the technologies and solutions of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Factory.

Thanks to an openminded and systemic approach, CIM4.0 supported businesses of any kind and size, from big companies to SMEs, including innovative start-ups from all over the national territory. Today CIM4.0, alongside other competence centres, represents one of the key actors in providing Industry 4.0 technologies and trainings within the manufacturing field.

CIM4.0 numbers in 2021:

Up to now, 90% of the activities for the centre’s development (Innovation Offer and Technology Transfer) have already been carried out, successfully stimulating the demand for innovation with the involvement of 55 companies through 33 projects and the allocation of 100% of the centre’s available resources.


Founding members (2 universities and 22 leader business)


Core team selected resources with great intellectual potential


Experts (Professors and Technical Fellows) made available by the consortium members


National and international visits during 2021


Companies we met

Our spaces

Among its main assets, CIM4.0 holds different spaces dedicated to work activities, training, demonstrations and testing. Moreover, CIM4.0 owns more than 100 fully operating technical tools, all available to Italian and European firms willing to innovate and stay competitive.


Pilot lines


Training areas


Open Spaces


3D virtual environment



Additive Manufacturing Pilot Line

Our Additive Manufacturing Pilot Line is the most important line open to Italian firms: from the beginning, it has been certified on “Xometry”, the Euro­pean plat­form concerned with production in many sectors such as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, ecc.

From the creation of 3D models, through manufacturing, to the final process and inspection of components, CIM4.0 uses Additive Manufacturing technologies to help companies improving their performances and to taking their products to the next level.


Additive Manufacturing Machines


3D Priting Machines


Areas with AM machines

4000h +

Operating hours

Monica Bellucci receives the “Stella della Mole” award, designed and built by CIM4.0

Digital Factory Pilot Line

The Digital line is dedicated to 4.0 Industry solutions; it hosts the biggest and best performing Cave and Multitouch Wall in Italy. The whole line is equipped with avantgarde technologies, high-skilled industrial cobots and 5G coverage with 10Gb/s high-speed connection.

The Line operates in four different target areas: Digital Shopfloor, Predictive Maintenace, Human Machine Interaction and Extended Reality (XR). It allows companies to explore and understand the most recent digital technologies that can be adopted in order to boost production efficiency e business competitiveness.

By visiting the digital line of CIM4.0 it seems to enter in a unique environment, designed according to efficiency, security, ergonomic, wellness inclusion logics. People can find Cobot, AMR, Drones, assembling advanced artificial implants, there is also a Cave on 4 high resolution Retro projector walls, the biggest increased reality of Italy. Everything is functional and suitable to any technological need of small, big, piedmontese and national firms.

Enrico Pisino, CEO 

Finalized Financial Projects (EU)

CIM4.0 started projects are mainly developed in Europe and overall, they represent a total value of more than 700 thousand euros. Other projects, currently under evaluation, sum up to a value of over 3 million euros. 

The Competence Center is looking forward, designing and setting up more and more international projects of different nature, in order to step into a larger-scale scenario and actively participate in creating a global Smart Factory ecosystem.

Communication activities

CIM4.0 has been seen by principal Italian medias. Competence Center spoke to La Stampa, La Repubblica, RAI, Mediaset and many others headboards.


Media publications


Social Network impressions


Site contacts


Attended events in more than 5 countries


CIM4.0 training activities in 2021 have been particularly successful: the training system has worked non-stop since September 2019 and has been recognized by Politecnico di Torino and Piedmont Region, appearing in TV in Rai Scuola news.

CIM4.0 educational offer is divided into two paths: the Academy, focused on the development of critical thinking within a 4.0 technologies ecosystem, and the Learning Hub, which offers more than 70 courses aimed at transmitting competences related to the digitalization of industrial processes.


Duration of the Academy


Participants per class


Edition every year






Vertical courses