News - The 2021 of CIM4.0 - a year full of focus activities and goals. Now the race continues!

2021 has been undoubtedly an important year for the Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0 (CIM4.0) not only for the centered goals and conducted activities recounted through numeric synthesis. The last 12 months has allowed to Competence Center based in Turin to place itself as a national reference point on digital transition field of enterprise about technologies of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Factory.

A certified role of many planning which has seen CC starring joined with its associated founders, and thanks to an open minded and systemic vision, to cooperate and support businesses of any kind, by the largest to PMI including innovative startups spread all over the national territory. Today, CIM alongside other competence centers, represent one of the key features of MISE in manufacturing area of 4.0, technological and training support aim to countless firms, in majority PMI, which compose excellent industrial sectors Made in Italy.

Here’s the 2021 numbers:

At this point 90% of activities for the development of the Center (innovation offering and technological transfer) has been achieved and the innovation demand has been encouraged by the 100% of disposable resources to 33 projects that has involved 55 companies.


Founding members (2 universities and 23 business leaders)


Chosen resources with great potential that form the core team


Experts (Professors and Technical Fellows) made available by the associated


National and international visits during 2021


Companies we met


Among principal assets of CIM4.0 people are able to find dedicated spaces to work, training, demonstration and testing. More than 100 tools, working and operating fully, disposable to Italian and European firms.


Pilot lines


Training areas


Open Spaces


3D virtual environment



Additive Pilot Line

Our Additive Line is the most important pilot line open to Italian firms, which from the beginning has been billed on the European platform “Xometry” committed to the production of automotive, aerospace, oil&gas, ecc.

From the additive line are also provided services to firms (GI and PMI) in core sectors for manufacturing such as automotive, aerospace, oil% gas, construction/machinery, packaging, ecc.


Additive Manufacturing Machines


3D Priting Machines


Areas focused on the post process with different machines that allows to ensure the final product quality.

4000h +

Activities hours

Monica Bellucci ritira il premio Stella della Mole, progettato e realizzato da CIM4.0 

Digital Pilot Line

The Digital line, dedicate to 4.0 Industry, hosts the biggest and the higher resolution Cave and Multi TouchWall of Italy. This avant-garde technology has 5G coverage, 10Gb / s high-speed connection and many industrial cobots.

Developed more than 50 “use cases” in four different target cases: Digital Shopfloor, Predictive Maintenace, Human Machine Interaction, XReality. With the purpose to draw attention and support the training of young talents which has been developed FIXIT. The Flagship Project of CIM4.0 that involves more than 20 interns and undergraduates besides many firms.

By visiting the digital line of CIM4.0 it seems to enter in a unique environment, designed according to efficiency, security, ergonomic, wellness inclusion logics. People can find Cobot, AMR, Drones, assembling advanced artificial implants, there is also a Cave on 4 high resolution Retro projector walls, the biggest increased reality of Italy. Everything is functional and suitable to any technological need of small, big, piedmontese and national firms.

Enrico Pisino, CEO 

Communication activities

CIM4.0 has been seen by principal Italian medias. Competence Center spoke to La Stampa, La Repubblica, RAI, Mediaset and many others headboards.


Media publications


Social Network impressions


Site contacts


Attended events in more than 5 countries


Pride of 2021 CIM4.0 activities has been its training: system that has worked nonstop since September 2019 and has led many positives outcomes including the recognition of courses by Politecnico di Torino, accreditation for training by Regione Piemonte and involvement by Rai Scuola.

The educational CIM4.0 offer is structured between the Academy, a journey dedicated to digital transformer managers and CIM4.0 Learning Hub, which offers short courses addressed to 4.0 Workers.


Length of Academy


Participants per class


Edition every year






Structured courses

Finalized Financial Projects (EU)

Concerning the projects, mostly developed in Europe, started and ongoing programs have overall more than 700-thousand-euro worth; others in rating and preparing projects upper 3 million range, proving the fact that the Competence Center is looking forward, working far beyond its future sustainability and setting up itself all over the World and in Europe.

After the preselect of MISE, CIM4.0 coordinate the ecosystem of Piedmont and Aosta Valley to develop EXPAND, a European Hub which supports the digitalization of local PMI.

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Presentazione della proposta EXPAND di EDIH