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“Nutra­ceu­ti­ca” (nutraceutics) is a neologism derived from the words “Nutrizione” (Nutrition) and “Farmaceutica” (Pharmaceutical). The composites which are defined nutraceutical contain the food natural nutrients, with positive effects on health. They can be of vegetal or animal origin e they should be considered as a group of pharmacologically active substances, with therapeutic properties.

Natural-origin molecules contained in nutraceuticals represent a source of active composites highly diversified and with many possible applications. Some of them have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennials and their effects are widely known. But the knowledge of some of them is still limited. Their characterization is vital for the development of new drugs and nutraceuticals and discovering their positive effects (both for the main components and for other external contaminants) should be a priority.

In order to satisfy the need, S.A.F.AN. BIOINFORMATICS has developed two different technologies, which allow the characterization of molecules (SAFAN-ISPSM) and peptides (SAFAN-ISPPEPT) forecasting their interactions with a panel composed of 4500 different proteins, involved in the metabolic processes, so as to understand new possible applications and possible side effects.

The database, originated from the technologies applications to the aforementioned composites, is going to provide food companies with important indications for the valuation of their products safety and effectiveness.


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