MultiTech HW Platform

Area: Digital Factory

Tecnologie abilitanti

Importo finanziato

20000 €

The project is meant to validate a platform for the collection and analysis of real-time data, related to the 5G communication bandwidth. So far, the process management has been mainly allocated to 4G bandwidth. However, the new bandwidth is going to open interesting scenarios and multiple applications.

The throughput data between source (typically Mobile, Modem 5G) and user module (analysis software) is 10x greater than the previous technologies (4G). This introduces the necessity of providing the acquiring interfaces with specific devices dedicate to the flow management.

Therefore, the core innovative idea of CWI is the possibility to acquire, thanks to only one platform, data and typical parameters of different technologies, synchronously and contemporarily.

The scope is the validation of a single interface, designed for the acquisition of the aforementioned technologies data. The market that we are aiming to, does not have at disposal such complex technologies, which permits the parallel acquisition, satisfying the balancing among:

Nowadays, Comtest Wireless International offers systems capable of integrating measuring devices in a single system, which monitor different technologies at the same time (GSMR, 2G, 3G, 4G). However, the arrival of 5G technology is asking for more structured considerations on the feasibility study of the simultaneous presence of several technologies on the same platform.

In order to guarantee the top IoT performances, the solution is designed to prioritize the transmission speed (IoT key parameter). More in details, considering the market need, CWI will focus on the optimization of data flow transmitted by any device within the available technology (3G, 4G, 5G).


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