Solve Lub

Area: Digital Factory

Tecnologie abilitanti

Importo finanziato

20000 €

Solve Lub is a solution designed for the analysis of cooling lubricants in their 4 components: Concentration of industrial oil, ph, conductivity, temperature. The system analyses the date in comparison with the values stored in PLC database and it sends the outputs to a smartphone app, using GSM communication. Therefore, the owner of the industrial plant can decide whether to change or purify the cooling lubricant, basing his decisions on the controlled parameters. The solution can be applied to cooling systems with tanks up to 100L in addition to tens of cubic meters of cooling lubricant.

The system consists of a single module and does not require any change to the cooling system.

The project focuses on the software cycle coding, so that it can improve the efficiency of the cooling system as well as the basic design, since the overall dimension is often a major obstacle in the application of such a solution.


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