Area: Digital Factory

Tecnologie abilitanti

Importo finanziato

20000 €

TUC S.r.l was born with the aim of introducing on the market a new technology (TUC) capable to digitalize and continuously reconfigure the mobility experience inside vehicles, making them intelligent and multi-modal. This new TUC technology is also able to rationalize and simplify the entire internal electronic system of vehicles.

TUC is a multi-modal plug, or a digital/structural interface, which can be implemented during design phase or frame restyling of the main means of transport. TUC is conceived both as a structural fixing point, where it is possible to safely anchor all the elements making up the vehicle’s internal experience, and as a digital Hub&Switches system for the exchange and processing of data between all the connected devices. The entire system is managed by the TUC Brain, a single control unit connected to the user’s personal devices, which allows to customize and configure the vehicle’s internal experience directly from smartphone.

TUC aims to respond to the needs related to the change of mobility concept in society. The mobility paradigm is in fact moving from product concept towards a service-centric approach and this type of change needs a completely new modular digitalized and connected technologic infrastructure, as TUC propose itself to do.


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