VRStar 2.0

Area: Digital Factory

Tecnologie abilitanti

Importo finanziato

19780 €

VRStar 2.0 was created to satisfy the big companies needs, in particular those production plants whose functioning in terms of continuity is heavily dependent on critical structures and nodes.

In order to guarantee the protection of the critical infrastructures specific training is needed: the first defence is the employees’ preparation. Illogic believes that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the first tools to allow this training.

Illogic is specialized in creating Digital Twins of industrial plants, virtualizing complete production lines through computerized realistic simulations. Among the operative opportunities, the possibility of implementing innovative IOTS (Immersive Operator Training Systems) stands out. These provide training within immersive scenarios, whose behaviour is realistic thanks to a dedicated physico-chemical simulator, with a remarkable effectiveness linked to highly stressed situations, as incidental or emergency procedures.

The new VRStar version introduces an important multi-role and multi-team function in addition to the already present features. This allows the tailoring of tasks, equipment, interaction, operation schedules, etc., in relation to roles and teams references.

This feature contributes in providing a significant level of reality, also thanks to the physico-chemical simulator and to the simulations performed with live control equipment. This shortens greatly the distance between the real and the simulated environment.

Additionally, VRStar is able to provide a specific support in many different operative phases. Based on the VRStar platform, it is possible to develop applications to generate multimedia contents which are useful to workers, such as assembly processes, dedicated instructions, electric schemes, CAD files, etc. Everything in live time through AR device handy and comfortable.


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