Luciano Massone - CIM4.0 Competence Center

Luciano Massone


(2015-present) FCA _EMEA Region _ World Class Manufacturing & Projects Director. In this role he assumes responsibility for the WCM Development Center, for all the programs of the Region as well as for projects and programs at the global level of Training & Consulting, WCM Research & Innovation and WCM Suppliers.

(2014-2015) FCA- Head of World Class Manufacturing EMEA & WCM Development Center Vice President, including Traininig & Consulting, WCM Reserch and Innovation and WCM Supplier Division.

(2011-2014) FGA- Head of World Class Manufacturing EMEA Assembly & WCM Development Center Vice President.

(2008– 2011) WCM FGA & Group Vice President. Responsible for managing and controlling all aspects of the WCM and the production system of all the FIAT Group companies, for all the plants and all the functions.

(2008-2010) Head of WCM CNH.

(FGA & CNH) Responsible for the Global Manufacturing Training Unit at the group level.

(2005– 2008) Organization and launch of the Fiat Auto Production System, FAPS. Constant and efficient promotion of the implementation of WCM Best Practices, and management of internal and external bechmark activities, industrial plans and product allocations.

(2003 - 2005) HR Vice President, Fiat Automobiles Organization, Headquarters HR. Management and control of all aspects and definitions of Fiat Automobiles policies. Business models, organization of structures and processes, including the system for assessing the positions of people.

(2002 - 2003) Vice President, Human Resources Fiat Lancia Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, management of HR activities in the largest Business Unit of Fiat Auto. Management and control of all HR activities, including recruiting, training, compensation and people development.

(2000-2002) Industrial Divisions Director at HQ of Human Resources. HR management and control for Mfg, R&D and Product Development. Development and management of the implementation of re-engineering processes, ensuring the integration of Mfg, Product Development and Platform and product functions.

(1998 - 2000) Fiat Auto Industrial Relations Director, at HR HQ. Responsible for organizational change, according to globalization strategies. Implementation of agreements with workers in Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Italy

(1996 - 1998) Responsible in the company of Work Organization for Health, Safety & Environment, ensuring the total integration of the 2 divisions, adaptation at national level to the new EC H&S legislation.

(1992 - 1996) HR Manager at Melfi Plant (PZ), developing and managing all organizational processes according to the directives of the new integrated factory model, and starting a work agreement for more intensive use some plants, including a new shift system. Coordination of the first new FIAT Supplier Park in Melfi.

(1991 -1992) Project manager at Fiat Auto S.p.A., especially regarding all the organizational aspects of the Melfi Initiative. Responsible for the new ICT platform for HR Management.

(1989 - 1991) Human Resources Manager at Termoli Plant (Powertrain and Gear box).

(1988 - 1989) Industrial Relations Manger at Rivalta Plant.

(1986 - 1988) Trade Union Relations Manager at Sevel S.p.A.

(1983 - 1986) Production Manager –HR at Sevel Plant, Paving and Assembly.

(1980 - 1983) Manpower Manager at Sevel Plant.