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FIXIT make innovation happen

He embodies the essence of innovation, as we experience.

FIXIT is a human-robot platform and represents the digital competences at the CIM4.0. CIM4.0’s Industrial, Academic and Commercial Partners as well as University students envision FIXIT as a solution to expand knowledge and apply new technologies.
He is a collaborative robot based on an AMR and a Drone powered by AI, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing, Edge and Cloud tech­no­lo­gies as well as other Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.
He will support people on different application areas: industry, education, healthcare, horeca, mobility.
Our vision is to transform technology ecosystems to enhance the value of people.

Core technologies

Ground Vehicle

Scout Mini is a compact UGV with four-wheel drive and differential steering, and equipped with independent suspension. The algorithms for autonomous movement and obstacle avoidance were developed by a multidisciplinary team of students who collaborated through their master thesis.

Mission Control

Fixit will be equipped with a tablet that serves as the main digital interface of the robot. Its dedicated software will feature mission control, maps, analytics, and more, allowing total control and customization of the device.

Aerial Vehicle

The UAV is ever-changing and continuously improving thanks to the work of master thesis students. The model that we display here was designed to be printed in-house through our Additive Manufacturing pilot line.

Use cases


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Discover FIXIT community and how CIM4.0 Competence Center are using Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Edge and Cloud technologies to support tech transfer for people, world and environment of the future.

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