Cookie Policy (EN)

CIM 4.0 uses some cookies on its website to offer users better performance and collect statistical data intended to make the offer of online services more efficient.

What are cookies?

The cookies are

  • small strings of text that are exchanged between a website and a person’s browser every time he or she accesses the Internet
  • used for various purposes, such as, for example, allowing for computer authentication, keeping track of people’s navigation sessions, improving the navigability of a website, and collecting and saving various pieces of data regarding someone’s preferences and choices.

Each user can choose not to accept cookies, for example by changing the settings in their browser by following the instructions below. However, in this case, some features of the site may not be available.

How are cookie distinguished?

Technical cookies: these are cookies installed directly by the owner or by the website manager. They allow

  • the normal and correct use of the site, possibly also to support its security (session cookies)
  • the collection of information in aggregate form on the number of users or how they use the website (cookie analitycs)
  • to manage navigation based on user activity (e.g. the language chosen, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the usability of the service (fuctional cookies)

Profiling cookies: these are cookies designed to track the preferences of individual users with the aim of allowing the definition of a commercial offer in line with the choices made by the user during his navigation. Profiling cookies can be used with the consent of the Data Subject.

There are also

  • First-party cookies:  : these are cookies installed directly by the owner or manager of the site you are visiting. These cookies are used, for example, to guarantee their technical functioning or keep track of preferences expressed regarding the use of the site.
  • Third-party cookies:  : they are cookies installed by third parties through the website of the owner or manager who in this case acts as a technical intermediary. They are cookies used when the site visited has content from external sources (e.g. advertising banners, videos, etc.). Third-party cookies require the consent of the interested party

What cookies CIM 4.0 uses?

CIM 4.0 uses:

  • cookie tecnici necessary for the presentation of content on its website and to support its functionality. These cookies are in fact essential to improve the security and protection of the site
  • cookie analytics first-party analytics cookies to collect information on the use and exploration of the website by the user, including the pages visited and the content displayed, and on any errors found, always anonymously. These cookies provide statistics on how the website is used and the frequency of visits.
  • cookies by third parties (Google Analytics, YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress): These are cookies that make it possible to collect information regarding Users’ preferences while they are navigating the Internet, register when advertisements are visited, Users’ reactions and their subsequent actions, and keep track of the financial return of advertising campaigns.

The user can block the cookies modifying the settings of the browser used.  In fact, most internet browsers are configured by default to accept cookies. It is however possible to disable their use or to manage which of these can be used or not. However, blocking the use of cookies could preclude CIM 4.0 from showing all published contentsblicati.

Below are links to descriptions on how to manage cookies on the most common Internet browsers:

Ulteriori informazioni agli utenti con particolare riferimento all’informativa estesa prevista dall’art. 13 del Regolamento Europeo 2016/679 sono disponibili nella Additional information to users with particular reference to the extended disclosure required by art. 13 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 are available in the Privacy Notice section.