The training activity of CIM4.0 is addressed to the firm personnel with high I4.0 index, as to those already possessing good I4.0 practice, and as such, ready to begin the innovation phase of their industrial products and processes. In other words, we won’t consider orientation and alphabetization I4.0 in this section.

Analysis of demand

The training demand of each company towards the competences of CIM4.0 and other pilot lines implemented in it, will be evaluated through top management interviews (e.g. production manager, product and process innovation manager), with the compiling of surveys aimed at evaluating the state of affairs regarding the adoption of technology I4.0. After the analysis of competence demand, a personalized formation plan will be set up and offered, with indication relative to the digital transformation course to which the firm will be subject in order to reach the established goal.

Training on the job

The training plan will be detailed through qualified didactic speeches, aimed at elaborating on each of the essential phases of production, in the I4.0 mindset, with particular attention to, depending on the beneficiary, the technical and/or managerial aspects related to its management. The formation concerning technical and technological aspects could also provide on-the-job training activities, along with practical experience in order to learn to manage the technology of pilot lines. Furthermore, formation activities aimed at managerial development in terms of managerial competence, government of change and achievement of results will be organized.


This way, CIM4.0 will support firms in the creation of professional figures, able to promote a continuous evolution of product, organization and technology. The formative course will be therefore differentiated in regards to its beneficiary, who will be further specialized or reconverted.