Giulia Marcocchia


Giulia Marcocchia is the scientific co-director of CIM 4.0 Academy. She graduated in Economics at University of Turin and got a PhD in Innovation Management at Paris Saclay-Telecom ParisTech University.
After a consolidated professional experience in business development and design strategy in the automotive sector, Giulia is now teaching and researching in the field of systemic innovation with methodologies derived from design theories. She teaches Innovation Management at ENSTA and Ecole Polytechnique Paris, and Design Management, Design for Strategy, Transportation & Mobility for Smart Cities at Strate College of Design in Paris and Singapore. She participated in European research projects Horizon2020, and she is currently contributing to international research groups such as the PVMI (Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovation) of Wharton, the IMD (Institut de la Mobilite 'Durable) of Fondation Renault and ParisTech, and the Design Practice Special Interest Group of the Design Society.

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