Luca Iuliano


Luca Iuliano is Professor of Technology and Production Systems at the Polytechnic of Turin, Coordinator of the University Master's Degree in Manufacturing 4.0, coordinator of the University Master's Degree in Additive Manufacturing and project manager of the Interdepartmental Additive Manufacturing Center of the Polytechnic of Turin
Prof. Luca Iuliano is the author and co-author of two texts on additive and precision casting manufacturing and of over 250 printed works in the sectors of high-speed machining of heat-resistant alloys and metal matrix composites, of unconventional machining on heat-resistant and composite alloys metal matrix, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering.
He was President of the Italian Association of Rapid Prototyping (APRI) and currently a member of the Executive Council of the Italian Association of Additive Technologies (AITA).

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