The Competence Center of Piemonte is the national reference point for everything related to technological transfer, the spreading competence and specialization linked to technologically advanced production cycles and the training and culture 4.0 for companies. It carries out its activities through three actions:


The duty of the organization is to support, through the activation of pilot lines, the technological flourishing of innovative processes and products, delivering the companies a structure able to simplify and make the approach to new markets more competitive. Funding notices aimed to financing will be issued and formation activity will be provided along with the pilot lines.

Pilot lines Specializations
Aerospace Automotive HW/SW/Searvice providers Virtual simulations e digital twinning  
  • Additive manufacturing, Laser based manufacturing
  • Smart grid, Smart meters, Energy efficiency
  • Industrial IoT, Platform HW/SW, Sensors, Cloud, Connectivity
  • Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, Cyber security
Enterprise 4.0 Academy

As it can be understood from the interactive diagram, the enabling technologies on which the pilot lines of CIM4.0 are based can be grouped in four categories:

  1. Additive manufacturing (AM) and laser-based manufacturing.
  2. Smart grid, smart meters and Energy efficiency.
  3. Industrial IoT, HW-SW plattforms, sensors, cloud e connectivity.
  4. Artificial Intelligence, data analytics e cyber-security.

The production fields on which the Competence activities will be focusing are:

  1. Smart advanced Manifature.
  2. Automotive.
  3. Aerospace