OpenLivingLab Days (OLLD) is the annual Living Labs global meeting organized by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs). This year the event will be held in Turin, from September 20 to 23 and will be hosted and co-organized by the City of Turin and CTE NEXT - The House of Emerging Technologies and by Torino City Lab, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and the European Commission.

"The city as an innovation laboratory"

Living Labs are strong tools supporting cities and regions in their transition towards a resilient and sustainable future based on open and inclusive innovation. They are a key element in enabling citizens to co-create their cities and regions while improving their ecosystems through emerging technologies.

Friday, September 23: visit to the pilot lines of CIM4.0

CIM4.0 will be one of the three locations of the OLLD tour. The appointment we are involved in is "The technological innovation poles of Turin" and it is scheduled for September 23, from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.

The visit is aimed at exploring the pilot lines of our Competence Center, the spaces where technological innovation is available for the city and its citizens. A unique journey through virtual reality, digital totems, avatars and humanoid robots.



The ORLD provides a space for politicians, companies, entrepreneurs, academics, Living Lab representatives and innovators to explore, connect and work together. There will be in fact 14 face-to-face workshops, which will present practical and inspirational ideas during the three days of the event.

Each workshop will last 90 minutes, and it is possible to register directly from the OpenLivingLab Days website!

To ensure interaction with all the participants, places are limited.