European Digital Innovation Hub: Europe finances Piedmont projects

An extraordinary result, obtained thanks to a strong collaboration and synergy among different territories. We could summarize in this way the news from the European Commission, which has formalized the ranking of the European Digital Innovation Hubs, a network of over 200 digital innovation poles which will be entrusted to ensure the digital transition of the industry (with particular reference to SMEs and the Public Administration) through the adoption of advanced digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and IT Security. Among the over 40 projects presented at a national level, 13 will be 100% funded, while another 17 proposals have been positively evaluated by Brussels and will be 50% financed through PNRR funds.

Piedmont region has achieved remarkable results: thanks to a coordinated teamwork involving  CIM4.0, University and Polytechnic of Turin, two projects have obtained full funding, one of which was considered by the Commission as a project of excellence and ofthe highest quality, therefore financed by the National Government (MISE). In total, we are talking about around 16 million euros for the three projects.

What will be the EDIH’s function?

Following the European Commission’s vision, the European Digital Innovation Hubs will “help companies in responding dynamically to digital challenges and becoming more competitive”, providing access to technical skills and innovations, as well as to the possibility of “testing before investing”.

Among the activities they will carry out, they will provide financial advisory services, training and development of the necessary skills for digital transformation. They will also need to help businesses coping with the green transition, especially with regards to energy consumption and low carbon emissions. The European Digital Innovation Hubs will also be a reference point through which EU will be able to make available additional resources to support the digitization of Italian SMEs.

EXPAND: the project presented by CIM4.0

EXPAND – Extended Piedmont and Aosta valley Network for Digitalization – coordinated by CIM4.0 (Project Leader, Paolo Brizzi CIM4.0) is focused on supporting SMEs in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta in the manufacturing and public administration ecosystems, concerning Artificial Intelligence and Information Security. Despite the numerous challenges, through an articulated offer of clear and concrete activities of testing, training, investment support and networking, companies and PA will increasingly become more efficient and competitive. The project is 100% funded (around 6 million euros of activity) and the partners involved in the project together with CIM4.0 are: CSI Piedmont, Turin Chamber of Commerce, DIH Piedmont, API Turin, Torino Wireless, Mesap Innovation Hub, Intesa Sanpaolo and Links Foundation.

Available assets, skills and services of:

TEST BEFORE INVEST ➡ access to know-how and labs for experiments and test-beds
SKILLS AND TRAINING ➡ professional training on AI, digital and Cybersecurity competences
SUPPORT TO FIND INVESTMENTS ➡ support and guide companies to become increasingly competitive thanks to fundings
INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM AND NETWORKING ➡ aggregate innovation actors and orchestrate relations between regional authorities, industrial districts, business associations, incubators, international accelerators and networks

We welcome with great enthusiasm the official European Commission EDIH ranking in which Italy, thanks to the National Competence Centers, was among the protagonists at an European level, with 13 100% funded projects and other 17 projects covered through the funds of the PNRR. Piedmont has been able to work very well as a team, effectively cooperating and presenting three complementary projects that we are sure will decisively support the SMEs of a territory with no borders, since the Aosta Valley is included in the ecosystem and the entire country is indirectly involved too. Now that path has been laid out, it is necessary to promptly implement procedures and actions aimed at the activity of the 3 European Hubs starting from September Enrico Pisino, CEO of CIM4.0