The very famous actress Monica Bellucci attended the 39° Torino Film Festival and collected the “Stella della Mole” Prize, created by the Competence Center.

The prize

CIM4.0, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino worked on the creation of the “Stella della Mole” Prize. The prize is made thanks to an innovative technology, really unique: it is made in aluminium through the advanced technology of Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

The metal additive manufacturing is a process that allows to give shape to objects with a lightness, a precision and a sturdiness which previously would have been impossibile. The main goal of the Competence Center located in Via Settembrini in Turin is to show to Italian companies the opportunities of this technology making knowledge and laboratories available so that it is possible to simulate the production processes.

La Stella della Mole (The Mole’s Star)

Enzo Ghigo e Domenico De Gaetano, espectively president and director of the National Cinema Museum in Turin, released a statement on the award ceremony: “The prize Stella della Mole for the Artistic Innovation represents the whole history represents the whole cinematographic history of our city, a tribute to the tradition lived in the present and with a look to the future. It is a precious symbol, full of meanings, which we hope will increasingly represent the new design of the Museum and TFF. We are very glad that Monica Bellucci receives the award because she is a multifaceted artist, movie star and global icon of beauty”.