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Additive Manufacturing Pilot Line

A state-of-the-art center dedicated to the industrialization of metal additive manufacturing

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Additive Manufacturing is for everyone

Additive manufacturing is within everyone’s reach, large companies and SMEs: CIM4.0 supports companies and fills the gap of the lack of knowledge of the technology. We cover the entire value chain for Additive Manufacturing processes, from the creation of 3D models, through manufacturing to final processing and inspection of components.

New product development

Process parameters optimization

Product/process qualification

Prototype and pre-series production

Technological and business analysis for comparison with conventional production

Customized training courses and workshops

Using the latest tools, a deep knowledge of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and the consortium partners’ experience in product engineering, CIM can help companies to use AM to obtain new performance limits and to take their product to the next level.

The CIM4.0 team is able to develop sets of unique process parameters to meet the unique requirements of your products. By optimizing the process parameters it is possible to maximize:

  • Functionality of the parts
  • Speed of production
  • Post-process optimization (support removal, surface finishing, microstructure…)

Thanks to the experience of the consortium partners, CIM4.0 can support the certification of the process and parts produced in Additive Manufacturing, to satisfy the parameters of various regulations, with particular expertise in the automotive and aerospace fields.

From design consultancy, through material selection and process development to post-processing and final inspection, the production process is managed, analyzed and monitored directly in the CIM4.0 pilot line.

CIM4.0 can guide you in exploiting AM technologies for the benefit of your company with strategic choices. Understand the associated costs, risks and benefits, with a view to assessing the suitability of your product in Additive and outlining an implementation path, taking into account your industrial reality.

AM is a technology that is evolving quickly; CIM4.0 can help you acquire knowledge about how to use it. With the Learning Hub and the Academy, we have developed a full range of AM training courses, also exploiting the pilot line assets, to train not only Managers but also operational technicians, designers and process technologists who have the solid knowledge needed to bring innovation into the company.

Prima Additive Print Sharp 150


EOS M-400-4



A small size powder bed machine with cylindrical building volume, also suitable for precious metals’ processing.

Data sheet ↗

A medium-sized powder bed machine equipped with two lasers, suitable for printing prototypes or very complex end parts.

Data sheet ↗

A large powder bed machine with 4 lasers to achieve high production capacity.

Data sheet ↗Data sheet ↗

A direct deposition machine of large dimension, for repairing metal parts, coating or adding material to existing parts.

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A small-to-medium sized polymeric FDM printer with double extruder, capable of processing the most common polymer filaments and also some filled polymers, with superior mechanical properties.


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