Gabriele Elia


Gabriele ELIA is responsible in TIM-Technology Innovation for the Standard, Technical Communication and IPR function, where he deals with innovation and development of European and national research collaborations and with academic contexts, coordination activities related to standardization, development of intellectual property, and technical communication.

After graduating and research doctorate in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, he joined CSELT in 1994, then TILAB where he began his activities with the first Internet services of Telecom Italia such as Interbusiness, Telecom Online, TIN. IT and other services on ADSL. He has been involved in the development of content to person services on broadband and broadcast networks, including IPTV and digital terrestrial; more recently it has followed the development of Open Innovation projects including the creation and development of the "Joint Open Labs" with some of the best Italian universities.

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