Area: Digital Factory

Tecnologie abilitanti

Importo finanziato

20000 €

COMPAC can be referred as an Industrial IoT device for the electric automotive market. The final goal of the project is to fine-tune a highly innovative product, elevating the maturity level of a solution tested in operative environment to or close to the standard of a ready-to-market product. The device is a system that collects live data from a battery pack, which allows its remote monitoring and control through “smart” electronics, linking different physical elements through IoT connections and gathering information on its functioning.

The activities have been planned to reach a TRL8 level, which means a complete definition and qualification of the system.

The main steps are grouped in 3 Work Packages:

Beond, Politecnico di Torino spinoff, is an innovative startup and it is the only proposer. It counts on the experience of CIM4.0 for the scalability analysis of the product within the reference market. Beond is willing to provide a solid future to the local automotive supply-chain, which has gained through the years a global relevance.


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