Industrial Union of Turin public assembly focuses on the 4.0 innovation thanks to the Competence Center companies

Strategic and operative support for manufacturing in the digital era. Additive Manufacturing and technologies for Digital Factory.


The Competence Center constituted by Politecnico and the University of Turin, along with 23 private companies is based in Turin, in the requalified former Mirafiori establishments, right next to the TNE area, and it represents the operative and strategic support dedicated to the manufacturing firms oriented towards digitalization of industrial processes in the view of Industry 4.0 (from planning to production, from R&D to the supply chain, from security to the blockchain).


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The competence center Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0 combines entities and businesses involved in the manufacturing sector, oriented to the digitalization of industrial processes in the view of Industry 4.0.


  • Polito
  • Unito
  • 4D
  • Agilent
  • Aizoon
  • Avioaero
  • Cemas
  • Consoft
  • ENI
  • FCA
  • FEV
  • GM
  • Illogic
  • Iren
  • Italdesign
  • Leonardo
  • Merlo
  • Michelin
  • Prima Industrie
  • Reply
  • Siemens
  • SKF
  • ST
  • Thales Alenia
  • TIM

What does CIM4.0 deal with

CIM4.0 is the reference point for everything related to technological transfer, the spreading competence and specialization linked to technologically advanced production cycles and the training and culture 4.0 for companies. The duty of the organization is to support, through the activation of pilot lines, the technological flourishing of innovative processes and products, delivering the companies a structure able to simplify and make the approach to new markets more competitive.


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